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Gaza is burning What should we do – Hizb ut-Tahrir – America

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August 27, 2019

The Israeli army has yet again unleashed an attack on Gaza in this blessed month of Ramadan killing innocent men, women and children. The world’s and especially the Muslim leader’s response was shameful to say the least. But the Muslim Ummah from east to west showed they care about the bloodshed and the killing of Muslims; they came out in rallies all over the world protesting the atrocities of the Jewish state. The issue of Palestine matters to every Muslim and is an Islamic issue by nature. Any solution presented by the world powers, the United Nations, the Arab leaders is not the right solution. The whole world cares about the security of the Jewish state more than the lives of the Muslims and every solution presented will be around the security and welfare of the Jewish state. We the Muslims in the US have a duty towards our brothers and sisters in Gaza and the rest of the world. With this recent development, Hizb ut Tahrir — America organized this Lecture on Friday July 18th to address our responsibility toward Gaza and how we as part of the Ummah should respond to such atrocities.

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