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Islam & the West – Hamza Andreas Tzortzis (USA Tour 2012)

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August 27, 2019

Hamza Tzortzis talks about the historic significance of the Islamic world on the modern western civilization and the role of Islam and the Quran in shaping the western world in its early stages. Hamza reminds the audience about the fruits of the Islamic civilization and the Islamic system and how it can once again save the world from the current challenges faced by humanity under the failing system of capitalism. Hamza Tzortzis is an international public speaker on Islam. He is a writer of profound articles, essays, and commentaries on politics, religion, and philosophy. He has debated the highly acclaimed Simon Blackburn, one of the leading atheists in the world, in the historic debating chambers of Cambridge University. He has also appeared on BBC, BBC Radio 4, Ummah TV, Press TV, and many more.

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