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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The Chapter, revealed in Mecca, has 52 Verses. Some Qur’an exegetes have entertained doubts about the Revelation of all the blessed Verses of the Chapter in Mecca, though the Chapter stands in total harmony with Meccan Chapters in terms of tone and content, since above all, it treats of the Noble Prophet’s (S) Prophetic call and confrontation with the foes who regarded him as insane, call to patience and steadfastness, and warning the opponents against Divine torments.

All in all, the topics discussed in the Chapter may be epitomized as follows:

1. The blessed Chapter opens with some of the excellences peculiar to the Messenger of Allah (S), particularly his nobilities, and proceeds to lay emphasis on them.

2. The blessed Chapter proceeds with an enumeration of his foes’ vices.

3. Making mention of the people of Paradise actually serves as a warning against the evil polytheists.

4. Mention is also made of miscellaneous material regarding the Day of Resurrection and the disbelievers’ torments.

5. The Noble Prophet of the Islamic faith (S) is enjoined to persevere and exercise patience against obdurate foes.

6. Warnings against polytheists.

7. Finally, the blessed Chapter in question closes with the glory of the Holy Qur’an and different conspiracies of enemies against the Noble Prophet (S).

The designation of the Chapter, mentioned by some as Nun, derives from the opening Verse. Though some of the traditions narrated on the merits of the blessed Chapter reflect that the title is Nun wa ’l-Qalam.

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