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Taraweeh Reflections Day 21 – Ramadan 1444 Hijri 2023

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April 12, 2023

On the 21st night of Taraweeh Reflections, let’s reflect and be grateful for the blessing of Allah (swt) has bestowed upon us to witness and gain his pleasure in the first of he last ten days of Ramadan.  May Allah(swt) accept our Qiyam and reward us greatly.

In today’s reflection, the Sheik delves into the verses of Surah Al-Ahzab (70-72), where Allah reminds the believers of their duty to always speak the truth and to fear Allah(swt). These verses, frequently recited in Friday khutbahs, serve as a reminder for us to strive towards righteousness and obedience to Allah and His messenger.

Most importantly, the Sheik explains the significance and meaning of the term “Amana” which carries a heavy responsibility and honor for humanity, and how it encompasses the role of a Khalifa on earth, tasked with implementing the commands of Allah (swt) on earth.

May Allah(swt) help us to fulfill this responsibility and to be successful in this life and the hereafter. Aameen.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=091O2V4SkCI

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