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Taraweeh Reflections Day 28 – Ramadan 1444 Hijri 2023

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April 19, 2023

On the 28th night of Taraweeh Reflections, the Sheikh discusses the significance of Surah ‘Abasa, which was revealed in Mecca during the Makkan era. The verses addressed (Surah ‘Abasa – 1-16) an incident where Prophet Muhammad (saw) frowned and turned away from a blind man, Abdullah bin Umm Maktum, who had approached him seeking guidance on Islam.

The Sheikh emphasizes that while the Prophet was not reprimanded for preaching to the leaders of the Quraysh, he was reminded to pay attention to those genuinely seeking knowledge and guidance. He further explains that the Surah serves as a reminder that honor and piety are in the eyes of Allah, and that people should be treated with respect regardless of their wealth, knowledge, or abilities.

The Sheikh also notes that during the early years of Islam, the Prophet often approached people with authority in an attempt to spread the message more easily. He highlights that there is no compulsion in Islam and that individuals have the choice to accept or reject the Deen of Islam.

The Sheikh concludes his reflection by praying for the listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the Quran and to make the most of Ramadan, seeking forgiveness and guidance from Allah(swt).

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWQ-YBMlXqQ


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