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A Quranic Perspective on Elections, Voting, and Manna & Salwa (Surah Al-Baqarah) – Repost

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October 11, 2020

We find Muslims telling us to vote because we are benefitting from the system, and if we do not vote, it is as if to ‘bite that hand that feeds’. In reality, the fact that we are alive, and that we have a body, which needs food shelter and clothing is all from Allah (swt) and the provisions he has given us are from Allah also. Then why should we have gratitude to any councillor or mayor if it in disobedience to Allah at the same time? The need to eat, have shelter, and wear clothes precedes the system we live in. This means that we should work for a change based on Islam and keep our gratitude for Allah — not some self serving Mayor or Councillor. We should be content with what Allah (swt) has given us instead of voting out of feeling “loyal” or “obliged” to any mayor or councillor. Even the Idol-worshipping Quraysh in Makkah didn’t accuse Muhammad (pbuh) of buying, selling, and living amongst them as ‘biting the hand that feeds.’

It seems that even after the Banu Israel had settled after being saved from Firaun, the Firaun remains in their hearts. When Allah sent the people of Musa (as) ‘Manna & Salwa’ which was food that descended from the heaven, Banu Israel were still ungrateful and asked for the food that they used to eat at under Firaun. Musa (as) replied “will ye exchange what is better for something worse”?

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