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At-Tadaarus with Hamza Hadith No. 9 & 10 The Muslim Ummah & Unity

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August 27, 2019

At-Tadaarus (Studying together) with Hamza
9) The Muslims are like one man, if his eyes complains then the whole of him complains, and if his head complains then the whole of him complains

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10) Muslims have common share in three (things). grass, water and fire.

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Sunan Abi Dawud 3477

Notes for Parents/Teachers:

Hadith 9: This hadeeth can be understood that the safety and security of the Muslims is one.

Hadith 10:

a. According to the Shafi, Maliki and Hanbali schools what is intended by water that the people share and therefore cannot buy and sell is the rain water, river water and the like, and not water from private sources such as a private well. The pastures are the open areas of land which are not owned by anyone, or land which is not being used for agriculture and has the normal vegetation for grazing cattle. Fire indicates any natural resources which are used to produce heat and energy, such as wood, coal and oil.

b. Other narrations also indicate that people can possess and sell water as long as the community was not in dire need of it.

c. It can be derived from these narrations that whatever the community is in need of must be provided and cannot be withheld privately to the disadvantage of the people. So the state is

Commentary from The Sixty Sultaniyyah By Abu Luqman Fathullah (May Allah have mercy on him)

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