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Holding onto Islam in College & on Campus How to make the right Impression

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August 27, 2019

Many of us will be starting College or University this September. By the time fresher’s fair is over many Muslim brothers and sisters, far from their families and natural environments, will stray off the path of Islam, involving themselves in free-mixing, and trying to ‘make an impression’ of the ‘new me’ where its all about fashionable clothing, and how supposedly diverse your group of friends are. So you’ll often see many brothers and sisters and non-Muslim guys and girls from different backgrounds, styles of clothing, hobbies (some like gaming some outdoors sports), and yet the thread that binds them all is the same vain, materialistic, superficial run of the mill youth that the Capitalist system enjoys as its naive, apolitical future work force, but of course you can wear a T-Shirt with whatever radical statement you like 🙂 This kind of relationship is antithetical to the kind of friends a young sharp Muslim should be seeking to join or impress and will ultimately lead him or her away from Islam. Every Muslim is politician who looks after the affairs of the Muslims, between this happening is how he builds his relationships. Here’s a young brothers advice on how things should be done.After all, first impressions count.

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