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Igniting The Spirit Of The Dawa Carrier The Culturing Stage Tafsir of Surah Taha

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August 27, 2019

Musa (as) finds himself in a dark, cold, wintery night, lost with his family and yet he sees a small defiant flame flickering on a mountain. He saw the fire an was filled by hope of supplies and directions, but rather…
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“He saw the fire and he was warmed by hope. He found a fire that warms souls and spirits as a provision for the greatest journey of all. ” (Syed Qutb). When he reached the fire: “The universe fell silent in responsiveness to this conversation. Alone in the desert, surrounded by complete darkness, in total silence.” The struggle of Musa (as) was most like ours, and his Ummah most like ours, so I hope the heart of a Dawa carriers is ignited in us just as the fire that was lit on the mountain top drew in Musa (as) to his Prophethood. I will be identifying key aspects of tarbiya which includes building a framework of thinking that all halaaqaat must have from the point of view of the teacher and the student whether a parent child situation, personal development and even in Islamic movements. I will be addressing some of the attitudes to knowledge and actions in relation to the training that Musa (as) received.

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