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In the Democratic System Practicing Islam between Football & Politics

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August 27, 2019

Supporting the winning team with most Money and Power without Principles…in Football that’s called ‘glory hunting’, in Islam its called ‘taking the lesser if two evils’ during elections. I wish some Muslims were as principled with the Ummah as they are with their Football teams 🙂
It is our duty to support our Ummah in its time of need, follow its results it’s wins and losses, whether it’s an easy victory or sudden death. Unlike Football, Islam is not a spectator sport. Going mad about voting for this Mayor or that Councillor or MP, and then straight after elections 99% of all Facebook posts from many Muslims is about football, our happiness and our sorrows, our sense of victory and loss, our sense of honour and shame..wasted on the ‘Bread and Circuses’ of today. Also to those ‘pundits’ which gave the ‘lesser of two EVILS’ fatwa and now gone back to teaching Tajweed and Aqueedah detached from reality until the next election…Shame on you! We should not follow the aspiring ‘fan’, ‘spectator’ or ‘pundit’ we should gain knowledge, verify our knowledge and carry Dawa.. If voting and then watching the footie, is the new ‘British Islam’ the Kuffar are succeeding if this lifestyle continues.

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