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Islamic Social System Vs Secular Social System – Sheikh Abu Talha

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August 27, 2019

Islamic Social System Vs Secular Social System – Sheikh Abu Talha in his unique style presents this informative lecture about the Islamic Social System. During the course of his discussion, he points out the common social behaviors in the current secular societies and demonstrates how closely they resemble the social behaviors and the social system of the Pre-Islamic jahiliyyah (ignorance) period of Arabia. He explains how the Islamic Social System is well balanced and prescribed as a way of life given to mankind by their Creator and how Islam can solve innumerable social problems afflicting the human race. He emphasized how the Islamic Social System when implemented along with its counterpart systems of Economics, Judiciary & Politics from Islam can bring about an atmosphere of balance and justice promoting real progress in both moral, spiritual and scientific aspects of human development as was practically demonstrated by 1300 years of the history of Islam where the Islamic System enabled them to lead the world in scientific as well as spiritual development the fruits of which still benefit mankind.

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