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Ramadan Muslim Vs Student of Knowledge Firaun Vs Musa

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August 27, 2019

DAY 19: Ramadan Muslim Vs Student of Knowledge | Firaun Vs Musa | iHalaqa Ramadan Bytes –When the month of Ramadan comes, there are brothers and sisters who want to change. They don’t usually practice the Deen but want to make efforts in doing so because it is the month of Ramadan. They are often termed as “Ramadan Muslims”, by the so called “Religious Bunch”. Having this negative view, Is it from Islam, is it among the characteristics of a practicing Muslim? How can we be more encouraging towards the brothers and sisters making the effort to change in this noble month? Allah (swt) says: “O Muhammad (saw) invite mankind to the way of your lord (Islam) with wisdom, and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better… (16:125) Muhammed (saw) also says in a hadith “Make things easy and don’t make things difficult and give glad tidings and do not disparage”

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