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Scholars Who Stood for Islam – Ibn Taymiyyah & Tawheed

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August 27, 2019

Our Ummah has been blessed with exemplary figures and our Islamic history is gloriously rich with such examples of real men who understood Islam comprehensively. It was not their lineage or themselves as a person that made them such great people; but rather their adoption of the Islamic creed and ideas and their clear understanding of it that made them into the person they were. Sheikh ul-Islam Taqi Ad-Din Ahmad Ibn Taymiyah (r) is one such example. His courage and works reach us like a ray of light in this dark period even today. He has been notably known for many great acts, including his works on the Islamic Aqeedah and Tauheed. However, in order to really respect him, we do not need to emulate him since he dealt with the problems in his time with the clear understanding of Islam that he had. Instead, we adopt the same attitude and ideas he did and step forward to deal with the issues and problems we face today. And we ask: if he were alive today what would he oppose, what would he speak against and fight against today; who are the mongols of today and what is the biggest deviation from Tauheed today?

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