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Seerah 12: Year of Sorrow & Journey to Taif

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January 3, 2020

The speaker recaps the hardship that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) faced during the year of grief and correlates with the hardships that Muslims are facing today in India.

He draws a very distinct path to why the Muslims of India and other Muslims around the world are are facing and provides the action that should be taken.

It is clear that a big part of the problem lies in qualities of leadership we see today in the Muslim world.  The speaker shares the how the personality and leadership qualities of the Prophet(saw) were such that even the enemies revered and respected him.  It goes without mention that the Sahabah (ra) loved and respected the Prophet(saw) the most.

Shortly after the year of sorrow, the Prophet(saw) was commanded by Allah(swt) to expanded the call and commanded set out for the journey to Taif.  Many of us know the story of Taif well, but the speaker focuses on why specifically the Prophet Muhammad (saw) went to Taif.

Finally, the speaker reconnects the famous dua (prayer) of Prophet Muhammad (Saw) after Taif to us today.

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