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Seerah 31: Battle of Uhud Part 2

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May 23, 2020

The speaker continues detailed descriptions of the heat of the Battle of Uhud in Part 2.

In the midst of describing the battle, the speaker enlightens us on a very important point on how Muslims are to view life (in general) and the relationships we keep in life according to Islam.

The speaker takes us through step by step through combat providing us clear vision of the lessons we should take.

One of the greatest lessons from the Battle of Uhud was that of the neglect of the Archers.  This incident is explained in great detail with reference to the lessons we as Muslims must take today.  Furthermore, the speaker describes the actions of the three types of fighters and their intent to provide us an understanding of the motivations when carrying the dawah.

The most frightening hour of battle was that incident where the beloved Prophet (ﷺ) was injured.  A detailed analysis of some of the Sahabah (RA) who showed unprecedented heroism and marvelous sacrifices to shield and protect the Prophet (ﷺ) is discussed.

As the Battle drew to a close, the sight of the martyrs was extremely heart-breaking for the Muslim and the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ)- yet the speaker takes us through the understanding of the lessons that we can take today for our own lives.


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