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Seerah 34: The Battle of the Trench (Ahzab) and the events leading to the Battle

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June 12, 2020

Seerah 34 The Battle of the Trench (Ahzab) and the events leading to the Battle

Once again, peace and security enveloped the Arabian Peninsula and this turbulent area began to experience a period of lull after a whole year war. The Jews, however, whose treachery, intrigues and disloyalty made them taste all types of humiliation and disgrace, were not admonished. After they had been exiled to Khaibar, they remained waiting anxiously for the results of the skirmishes going on between the Muslims and the idolaters.

The Jewish delegation then started a fresh effort and toured some parts of Arabia and managed to incite the confederates of disbelief against the Prophet (ﷺ), his Message and the believers.


The Messenger of Allâh (ﷺ) summoned a high advisory board and conducted a careful discussion of a plan to defend Madinah.  After a lengthy talk between military leaders and people possessed of sound advice, it was agreed, on the proposal of an honorable Companion, Salman Al-Farsi, to dig trenches as defensive lines. The Muslims, with the Prophet (ﷺ) (encouraging, helping and reminding them of the reward in the Hereafter, Peace be upon him) at their head, most actively and diligently started to build a trench around Madinah. Severe hunger, bordering on starvation, could not dissuade or discourage them from achieving their desperately sought objective.


On attempting to attack the Muslims and break into Madinah, the idolaters were surprised to see a wide trench, a new stratagem unknown in Arabia before, standing as an obstinate obstruction. Consequently they decided to lay siege to Madinah and began to maneuver around the trench trying hard to find a vulnerable spot through which they could infiltrate into Madinah.

Several lessons can be taken form this incident as the speaker looks into the hardships that Muslims around the world face.

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