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The Dawah Continues-Carrying the Legacy of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW)

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July 16, 2023

Join the sheik as we explore the basic concept of Islam- Dawah Islam. Let’s trace back to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who stood alone as the bearer of revelations from Allah(swt) through Jibril Al Islam.

Journey with us as we spotlight the trials and tribulations Rasool Allah(saw) faced, his companions’ unwavering support, and their collective struggles. From personal to societal, from individual to global levels, we’ll explore the all-encompassing nature of Islam, its principles, rules, and regulations.

Let’s draw lessons and inspiration from the Prophet’s (saw) Dawah, reminding ourselves of the struggles and triumphs and the essence of the Prophet’s mission, ultimately encouraging us to embody these principles in our lives today.

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