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What has Politics to do with Tauba Baqara Ayah 30 – iHalaqa Classroom

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August 27, 2019

This is based on the various tafaseer of Surah Baqarah Ayah 30.
When Allah sent Adam (as) to earth and taught him a word of repentance, Adam (as) was also instructed to act as a ‘Khalifah’ on earth, which meant taking the authority with the burden of responsibility that came with it, In fact living by the laws of Allah when exercising authority and responsibility ON ANY LEVEL is a means for forgiveness. The third meaning of ‘Khalifah’ is ‘successors’ which includes the progeny of Adam (as), and so living under Islamic rule or working to implement Islam is a mercy and a forgiveness for the ones who work for it and the Ummah.

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