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Youth Presentation: Women of Paradise ~ Asiyah RA || The Best Women of Mankind

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May 31, 2022

Women of Paradise ~ Asiyah RA || The Best Women of Mankind
Assalamualikum/Hi! Welcome back to our channel. Today, I am going to share a video about Women of Paradise ~ Asiyah RA. In this addition to the Women of Paradise Series, we go in depth about Asiyah’s (RA) inspiring story. Subhanallah, Asiyah RA was the wife of one of the worst enemies of Islam in history, yet her Imaan was so steadfast that Allah swt specifically mentions her in the Quran alongside the other three most honored women of Islam. Inshallah, we hope by watching this video, we can implement an attribute of Asiyah’s in our life to tailor our hereafter in Jannah.Watch the video completely to get The Best Women of
Mankind exclusively on our channel. Keep watching this channel for more
informative videos.
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