The capability to lead is manifested in certain traits that will enable the ruler to fulfill the responsibilities to manage the affairs of the state. The key trait of Taqwa (consciousness of Allah (ﷺ)) protects... Keep Reading »
On the 25 Dhul Qa’dah the Prophet (ﷺ)left Madinah and headed for Makkah to make what was to be his last Hajj. And at the Farewell Speech the Prophet (ﷺ)sat on his camel and addressed... Keep Reading »
Speaker (Abu Talha) connects the story of the sacrifice commanded of Ibrahim Alayhi As-Salaam by Allah swt to that of the slaughter of our Muslim children around the world.           —... Keep Reading »
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Having subdued two powerful sides of the Confederates coalition, the Prophet (ﷺ) started preparations to discipline the third party, i.e. the desert Bedouins, who took Najd for habitation, and continued in their usual practices of... Keep Reading »
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