Muslims are being encouraged to participate in the elections, as they have been for every other election that has occurred in over the years.  The speaker explains the perceived benefit(s) for the election in light... Keep Reading »
The speaker educates on the meaning of democracy as rulers like Imran Khan and others are seeking a permanent solution for widespread economic turmoil, poverty, blatant corruption, and distrust in government. –   Keep Reading »
Az-Zajjaaj said, “Man’s love for Allah and His Messenger is to obey them and to accept what Allah (ﷺ)  has commanded and the Messenger of Allah  (ﷺ) has brought.” The speaker explains the meaning of... Keep Reading »
Battle of Taif was in fact an extension of the Battle of Hunain because the majority of the defeated troops of Hawazin and Thaqif went into Taif and fortified themselves within it. Very important lessons... Keep Reading »