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Seerah 38: Aftermath of Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and Battle of Khaybar

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July 12, 2020

Al-Hudaibiyah Truce marked a new phase in the process of Islamic action and life of the Muslims.  A series of events confirmed the profound wisdom and splendid results of the peace treaty which Allâh (ﷺ)called “a manifest victory”.

Quraish had recognized the legitimate Muslims’ existence on the scene of political life in Arabia, and began to deal with the believers on equal terms.

Quraish in the light of the articles of the treaty, had indirectly relinquished its claim to religious leadership, and admitted that they were no longer interested in people other than Quraish, and washed their hands of any sort of intervention in the religious future of the Arabian Peninsula.

The speaker systematically confirms the treaty of Al-Hudaibiyah was a treaty of victory for the Muslims leading up to the Battle of Khaibar.

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